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Debbie Ryan

I did not actively seek out rescuing any animals, they found me. It started when I noticed a lot of dead cats on the road to my workplace. There were a lot of auto-junkyards and they were feeding cats but not sterilizing them. So, I drove in and met the business-owners and started trapping, sterilizing and returning to the yard. There were several litters of kittens being born in the cars and I managed to get them out and get them adopted. The dogs showed up the same way – on roads on my way to work. Sick and injured dogs regularly get dumped here in Texas when the owners no longer care about them. I put them in my car and begged for help to get their medical treatments and then found them good homes. Sometimes I am mentally and physically exhausted by it all and wish I could put blinders on so I did not have to see these poor animals, but when I get updates and photos from the people with the cats and dogs I rescued, showing them in a loving and happy home, I somehow find the strength to keep my eyes open and know that I now have a network of people who can help me.

I also started helping Bosnian rescuers on Facebook, once I saw they were facing so many far-worse situations there with animals

It was a way to try and help lift up rescuers who have little resources and help locally in their own countries.