Call: 01233 750 323


Sex: Male

Date Of Birth: 2020

Size: Small

Breed: Mixed

Spayed/Neutered: Yes (will be prior to adoption)

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Location: Kent

Rupert was rescued from a local pound when he was at risk of being put to sleep due to lack of space. He is now waiting for a forever home of his own from the rescue centre in Kent. 

Rupert is a sweet and affectionate boy. He loves sitting on our laps for cuddles and being carried around like a little diva. He is a sweetheart. Rupert is very foodie and really loves his treats. He also loves to run around and play with toys in our field. He is also very inquisitive and enjoys exploring and sniffing around our field. He is a high energy terrier so will require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. He has been good with the other dogs he has met both here with us and in the pound. 

We do not know anything about Rupert's life before the pound so please expect to do full training upon adoption.