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What We Do

Hundreds of dogs are abandoned at home and abroad every day. The cost-of-living crisis has increased this exponentially and dogs need our help now more than ever. We rescue dogs from U.K. pounds, the streets and kill shelters of Bosnia and take local owner surrenders. 

The U.K. pounds are currently bursting with dogs that are looking for safe spaces to go. After 7 days in a pound, the dogs are put to sleep if a rescue space isn't found and we take as many of these dogs as we can and provide them with a chance of a happy and full life. We are also in contact with several local dog wardens, Kent Police and our local council and are called upon to help dogs that they find on a regular basis. 

 We started this charity to help dogs in Bosnia and that is where at least half of our rescue mission takes place. Thousands of dogs are born on the streets of Bosnia every year, condemned to face cruel acts by locals, starvation, disease and brutal and inhumane deaths. The dogs are rounded up by dog catchers and often placed into kill shelters that provide no care, food or comfort, with many starving to death or dying of exposure. We have many local rescuers, picking up stray street dogs and removing as many as possible from kill shelters. All dogs are taken to safe and secure facilities where they no longer have to fear cruelty. They are fed and cared for and are taken to local veterinarians who help us nurse them back to health. We give them everything they need for a fresh start and the best possible chance of a happy, healthy life.

Fetcher Dog then finds forever homes for these dogs in England and Wales. These dogs have been through so much that they desperately deserve wonderful families and we aim to pair all of our dogs with the best forever homes that we can find.

Fetcher Dog is a Charity Commission registered charity- Charity Number 1182392.