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Foster A Dog

Fostering a dog is a very important part of our rescue process. Some of the dogs in our care are better suited to a foster home than staying at kennels until their forever homes can be found. This could be due to the need for extensive training, fears and anxieties of the dog or the age of the dog (senior dogs and puppies are often better suited to the comfort and care of a foster home). Fostering a dog is extremely beneficial, with many of our dogs learning what it is like to live in a home for the first time.

The fostering procedure allows us to match foster carers with the dogs in need, matching their requirements to what can be provided by the foster carer. To start the process, a pre-foster form needs to be filled out, this asks questions about you, your family (including other pets), your work and your home. Once filled out and returned to us, if everything looks good we can arrange a homecheck. The homecheck allows us to meet you and see where the foster dog would be living. If all goes well, we can arrange a foster dog for you.

Foster care is a very rewarding experience and helps many dogs find their forever homes. If you are interested in helping to change the life of one of our dogs, please download and fill out a pre-foster form and email it to us at