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Our Policies

The following policies are to be adhered to by all trustees, staff and volunteers of Fetcher Dog.

Acceptance Policy

Fetcher Dog adheres to a non-selective acceptance policy in which animals will be admitted to and cared for by Fetcher Dog regardless of breed or age. We also accept animals with manageable health conditions and behavioural issues.

Most of our dogs are rescued from kill shelters and from their lives as strays from across Europe and the U.K. Yet, Fetcher Dog accepts local owner surrenders and dogs from local authorities. Local authority protocol adheres to a seven day holding period of an animal found by local residents, giving owners time to reclaim their lost pet, re-homing protocol can then follow. Our adoption fee is set at £450.00 for all dogs. 

No-Kill Policy

Fetcher Dog aims to ensure no dog dies from unnecessary destruction. The decision to euthanise an animal is not taken lightly, and will only occur if the animal is suffering and all options have been exhausted to treat the animals' condition. At that point, the kinder option may be to euthanise. This decision will be made in conjunction with expert advice from veterinary professionals.

Re-Homing Policy 

Every step is taken to ensure our animals are re-homed with families that can give each individual animal the care they require for a happy and healthy life. The re-homing procedure must be strictly adhered to and a decision must be made based on the suitability of the home to the needs of the animal in question.

If circumstances change for the accepted family and they can no longer care for the animal in question, the dog must be returned to Fetcher Dog. Fetcher Dog provides lifelong rescue back-up to all of our rescue animals.