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Adopt A Dog

At Fetcher Dog, we want to make sure all of the dogs in our care go to the best homes so that they can have the lives that they so desperately deserve. A lot of our dogs have lived through pain and suffering, so it is extremely important to us that they go on to live full and fun lives, full of love.

In order to ensure our dogs go to the right homes for adoption, we carry out an adoption procedure to make sure our dogs have the best chance at a happy life. All potential adopters need to fill out a pre-adoption form which asks questions about you, your family (including your pets), your work and your home. After this has been completed and returned to us, we assess the results to see if we think everything is suitable and if the dog you are interested in is the right fit for you. If everything looks good, we carry out a homecheck. The homecheck allows us to meet you and see where the dog would be living. The homechecks are carried out by local volunteers who can give you personal experience of adopting a rescue dog from us. We then arrange a zoom call with Jordan and Stephanie Connor, two of the Fetcher Dog CEOs to answer any further questions you may have. We aim to let you know everything about the dog that we know prior to the start of the process and carry out checks with other dogs, cats and children beforehand. If this is passed we can arrange an adoption.

Our adoption donation is a minimum of £450. Please note, this is a donation towards the costs associated with preparing the dog for adoption and it does not cover the entire amount we pay out from rescue to rehome. To see a breakdown of how much it costs for us to care for a dog prior to adoption, please click the following link. 

All Bosnian dogs adopted will be vaccinated for DHPP, Leptospirosis and Rabies, tested for Brucellosis Canis, be microchipped and registered, have a pet passport and be spayed/neutered if old enough. All U.K. dogs adopted will be vaccinated for DHPP, Leptospirosis, be microchipped and registered and neutered/spayed if old enough. If you are adopting a dog too young to be spayed/neutered, this must be done at a cost to the adopter with the advice of a vet.  

 Fetcher Dog offers lifetime rescue backup, so if at any point you have a change of circumstance, the dog must come back to us. We do this so our dogs always have a safe and secure place to go. This offers our adopters and dogs the security they need if there is ever a change of circumstance.  

 If you wish to start the adoption procedure, please download and fill out the pre-adoption form and email it to us at