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Abigail & Archie

Archie came to us when a neighbour found him wandering across the road late at night. He had cuts all over his face and his fur was extremely dirty. We contacted the local dog warden who collected him later that day but asked that if his home wasn’t found, that we have him back to find his forever home for him. The dog warden accepted and we got Archie back a week later. We believe Archie was used for coursing locally and was no longer needed by his previous owners. He is the sweetest and most loving boy and after his stay in the U.K. kennels, we found him the perfect family.

Following the sad loss of our beloved Deerhound at just five years old, we decided to opt for a smaller dog of mixed heritage with the hope of better longevity. I spent a couple of weeks in January searching all the rescue sites and joining every Facebook group I could. Eventually, my patience was rewarded when I found ’Travis’ (was Archie) on the ‘Lurchers / Whippets / Greyhounds in UK rescues needing furever homes’ Facebook group. It was love at first sight. 

We quickly got in touch, and following a brief chat on the phone the whole process was swift, friendly and reassuring. About two weeks later we brought Travis home and he has settled in beautifully. We were completely expecting a period of re-settling but I can honestly say he has been perfect from day one with no accidents or chewing of the furniture. In fact, he has been the best behaved dog I have ever had!!!! 

Travis has now been with us for 7 weeks and we all love him to bits. He adores his walks, both along in the beach or up on The South Downs and loves chasing squirrels in the local park. We took him to a professional dog behaviourist and discovered that he recalls perfectly to a whistle which is handy and he loves dried fish treats! At home, he has tricked us into allowing him on all the beds as well as the sofas and he loves nothing better than an evening on the sofa on his back with his legs akimbo. Overall, he is extremely affectionate, very obedient, rather clumsy and completely adorable. It has all worked out so much better than I ever imagined and we all are so grateful that Fetcher Dog allowed us to look after him.

Abigail & Lance