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Gracie, Lucy, James and Joshua

Gracie was rescued from life on a chain; forced to breed by her previous owners.  She had a large infected wound around her neck that was causing her a lot of pain and was in urgent need of treatment. Gracie spent several months in kennels in Bosnia before coming to our kennels in Kent in February 2019. 

We saw Gracie on the Fetcher Dog site and knew we had to meet her! We completed an application and were contacted by Steph who arranged our homecheck. Jude came within a few days to make sure our house was suitable and couldn’t have been lovelier.

Next to meet Gracie. It was definitely love at first sight (at least for us but hopefully Gracie too), within a few minutes Gracie has figured out the softie in the family and had my husband giving her tummy rubs! We took Gracie for a walk with them so we could even see how she was on the lead. They arranged for Gracie to meet with Mels children so we were sure Gracie was comfortable with children but we needn’t have worried. My son and Gracie are the best of friends! She waits on the window ledge for him to get back from school and sleeps outside his room waiting for him in the morning. She’s the cuddliest softy who will do anything for a tummy rub and is a true lab when it comes to food!! We cannot thank everyone at Fetcher dog enough for completing our family and for all their work in saving not only Gracie but all of the other dogs who deserve a home of their own. 

Love, Lucy xx