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Jenni & Trouper

Trouper was found abandoned in the woods in Bosnia with his siblings as tiny puppies. They were taken to safety by our rescuer but were soon diagnosed with parvovirus, a deadly virus which attacks the lining of the intestines of puppies and dogs. Trouper’s siblings did not respond well to treatment and unfortunately passed away. Yet, Trouper kept getting stronger and was eventually a happy and healthy puppy. The story of Trouper’s strength found him a wonderful forever home in the U.K. in April 2018.

In April 2018 we lost our beloved dog Mollie. We were so lost without her and it was extremely hard on our children. We looked at getting another dog this time from a rescue to give a little dog a chance at a happy home. We tried different rescues but because of the age of our children we were refused, my mum told me to contact Stephanie from Fetcher Dog and after talking with her and having a few pictures sent we decided to go ahead. We fell in love with Trouper from the minute we saw his picture and knew his background story. We knew he was the dog for us to give us love and friendship and we can give him a happy home. We got Trouper in August 2018, my fiancé and father in law went and picked him up after a few days of him resting from his journey over. When he arrived at his forever home he loved it and the kids did as well, he warmed to the kids instantly and they to him. He has settled in so well, loves sleeping with us on our bed and waiting by the girls door in the morning for them to wake up, he has become such a big part of our lives and we couldn’t imagine our life without him. He loves all 3 of our daughters and they love him , he was amazing when our youngest daughter was born and instantly became her protector and has a special bond with all 3 mainly the eldest. He loves playing with his toys and going for walks, cuddles and kisses he loves to be near us. We would like to say thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to give Trouper a chance at life and for making our hearts complete.