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Koda & Jordan

I saw Koda on a Facebook group which recued dogs from Bosnia and kept them safe until they could find their forever homes. He was a tiny puppy, hiding with his sister in the photograph and I fell in love with his little face. He was found behind a wheelie bin as a stray in Bosnia, with his Mother nowhere to be found. Dogs are often taken to kill shelters by dogcatchers leaving their young pups alone and defenceless. We were told he was feisty but nervous and that he would be old enough to travel to the U.K. at six months old, so we went through the adoption process and awaited his arrival.

He was so small and nervous when he arrived. He loved his new brothers straight away but was extremely nervous around new people. I don’t like to think about what made him so fearful. He is three years old now and his fears are still here. He is a bit better with new people but loves every dog he meets. He loves to play and loves every toy he sees.

Our love for Koda lead us to helping other dogs in Bosnia. Starting with helping other Facebook groups and Bosnian rescuers and then venturing out to form Fetcher Dog. Koda is our logo dog to represent the start of our journey (and because he is so cute).