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'Musical Icons'

This family were found living near a school in Bosnia. They were very frightened and it took our rescuers several days to catch them all. The family consists of Mum (Aretha-DOB 2019), one adult son (Hendrix, DOB 2020), five younger sons (Bowie, Prince, Sting, Jagger and Elvis) and a daughter (Cyndi) were born 10/2020. All members of this little family are sweet and friendly but are quite shy so will need time and patience upon adoption. Based on the size of their Mum and older brother, the puppies will likely grow to be large in size. Aretha and Hendrix are both neutered/spayed but the puppies are too young to be spayed/neutered. They have never lived in a home before so will need full training upon adoption. 

Aretha (reserved)

Hendrix (reserved)


Bowie (adopted)