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Rescue to Rehome

The following outlines the costs associated with caring for one dog from the point of rescue to when they are adopted. This outline is to give an insight into the costs and will not be accurate for every dog rescued as each has different requirements. This outline explains how much one dog rescued as a puppy will cost if they stay with us for ten months between rescue and adoption. 


Within Bosnia

Monthly Accommodation x10

Worming treatment x5

Flea treatment x10

Leptospirosis and DHPP vaccines x2

Rabies vaccine x1

Microchipping and registration

Pet Passport


Transport and transport preparation

Internal transport to vet station

Vet inspection, quarantine and paperwork for import

Transport from Bosnia to UK

Import Fee
















Additional costs may be associated with specific dogs with health concerns, the length of each dogs stay with us and any administration associated with an adoption such as time spent advertising the dog, completing paperwork, carrying out the adoption procedure etc. 

The majority of this money is raised through fundraising activities run by ourselves and our supporters to subsidise the costs to our adopters. The adoption donation is currently set at £450.