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Ruby & Olive

Ruby & Olive, based in Kent, is a marketplace for the UK's best eco-friendly, sustainable and natural pup products. The founders, red cockapoo puppy Ruby, apricot angel puppy Olive and their pawrent Vicky have selected their favourite products from incredible brands that share their same values and love for the environment. We believe that products don't need to be made with plastic and that pup pawrents, who want to spoil their cherished ones, can do so without contributing to more waste.

Ruby & Olive's founder, Vicky has curated a selection of their most popular products and they will be donating 10% of the profits made on those products to us! But, that's not all! They will also be collecting leads, harnesses and toys from their customers when they are no longer needed and donating them to our dogs! As a thank you for donating, they will send you a discount code to use for your next Ruby & Olive purchase!