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Sandy & Misty

Misty (was Frankie) was rescued from the kill shelter in Bosnia in February 2018 after our trustees saw her desperately trying to escape. Misty was very frightened and underweight, and despite not having any puppies with her in the kill shelter, had recently given birth. Misty was taken out of the kill shelter a few days later and slowly gained confidence and put on weight with our rescuers in Bosnia before coming to the U.K. in April 2018. Misty completely came out of her shell in the U.K. kennels with our trustees Jordan and Stephanie. She loved playing with all the other dogs in the kennels and loved the cuddles and affection that she got from the trustees and our volunteers. Misty went into foster with our volunteer, Mel and settled there wonderfully until she found her forever family.

We were introduced to Misty - was then called Frankie - in the Summer of 2018.  Our very dear friend, Mel Evans, was fostering her until she could be found a forever home. Mel called in for a cuppa with her own dog Lacey and Misty. Mel told us about her and what she had endured before she was rescued by from Bosnia. No-one knows what went on before she was caught by the dog catcher but we were distraught at what she may have gone through. We did not know her complete history however we knew she was a "runner".  After just an hour of talking, we said we would adopt her.  We had to go through various checks to ensure we would be suitable to adopt her. In September 2018, Misty became part of our family. 

She was very quiet to start with but with a lot of patience and love, she has settled in beautifully. We have had to work with her and she with us but it is an absolute pleasure to have her in our life.  She loves walks and she loves sleeping too! She will not go near water, preferring to walk around puddles so wondered how she would get on being bathed.  We had no worries - she loved it. She stood in the bath like a statue and let us shampoo her and rinse her off with a warm shower. We did get a bit wet when she shook afterwards!

She is a fast learner and has learnt a lot - Misty come, Misty sit, Misty stay, Misty wait.  (The old treat has helped a lot with these commands).  Unfortunately she is a "runner" so cannot let her off the lead at any time however with a dog that doesn't chew, make a mess, absolutely LOVES being stroked & having cuddles and gets on with the dogs she meets, what more can we ask for?  We are trying to teach her how to play and bought numerous toys - forget balls, she looks at them as if to say "what the hell am I supposed to do with that?"

We love Misty SO much and you can see from the photos what a character she has become!

Thanks to everyone involved bringing Misty into our lives and if you are thinking of being a foster dog owner or even adopting one of these beautiful dogs, do it! They are vaccinated, microchipped & well checked. You won't be disappointed.

Sandy & Mike Johnson