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Debbie & Teddie

Beau (now Teddie) was found by our rescuer as a tiny puppy living on the side of the road, his sibling had already been hit by a car and killed. Teddie was lucky to be found and was taken to safety by our rescuer. Teddie came to kennels in the U.K. in July 2019 and soon went to his forever home.

Welcoming Teddie into our home was a exciting and daunting thought, not ever having a rescue dog before. When we picked him up at the tender age of 7 months old , he was a fun loving pup . He was a surprise for my 14 old daughter , we were worried about our other dog a 3 and a half year old boxer who was the centre of our world after his mum passed away in June. So Teddie settled in extremely well and loved his new partner in crime straight away. He has fitted into our family perfectly and he has learnt so many skills . He has a gentle heart of gold and teaches us every day what a clever boy he is and he’s made our family complete again, he loves to use us all as his own personal chew but is as gentle as a lamb, it’s been a lovely experience and all these dogs have huge hearts to share. Everybody needs a Teddie..xx