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The Taylors & Rupert

Rupert was rescued from the kill shelter when our trustees visited Bosnia in February 2018 and saw him living in a kennel covered in ice. He was quickly taken to safety and brought to the U.K to stay with a foster family until his forever family was found. 

 Rupert has made our family complete. He is an absolute sweetheart and has settled into our family perfectly. He is wonderful with our two young children and they absolutely adore him. He thoroughly enjoys all the attention and cuddles and often wraps his legs around us to stop us leaving to do something else! He loves going for walks in the woods behind our house and then spends the rest of his days relaxing on the sofa or in front of the fire! He has made himself very much at home. He tends to come out with us wherever we go at the weekend and his favourite place to visit is the beach in Dymchurch, although he refuses to go in the sea. You can tell that Rupert has not really experienced play or excitement prior to coming to the UK as he just doesn’t know what to do! It’s very amusing to watch him get excited when the kids come home from school or nursery or we get his lead as he bounds around with all 4 paws jumping off the floor. He’s a big dog so it’s very funny to see him trying to bounce around! Hopefully with time and love he will learn to play too. Currently, if we get a toy for him or throw a ball he just looks at us very confused! We couldn’t be happier to have been selected to give Rupert his forever home and we promise to look after him and love him forever. Thank you for making this possible.

The Taylor’s xx