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A Big Thank You to everyone for visiting our Amazon Wish List and purchasing items!!

Thank you so much to everyone who bought things from our wish list! This lot arrived last night and I think we are due some more deliveries today and tomorrow. We are so so grateful to everyone who buys things from our wish list, we know the items aren’t the most exciting but they are so useful.

Reason for the request:

Our puppies are going through so much food and we are running out so fast. If anyone is willing to buy them milk or puppy biscuits from our wish list we would be very grateful, they have a mixture of both every day.

We also need a few more cleaning supplies including zoflora wipes which are great for the crates of the little dogs who are too scared to go in the main kennel block over night.
We are also looking to get a good jet wash for the kennels and outside runs and hope that someone may have one that they don’t use that they could donate before we buy one. We need it to be quite good as the dogs are messy little angels.

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