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A big thank you to Sam from Tail Blazers Mobile Grooming for pampering some of our kennel dogs.


Clove is the mumma of our lovely puppies and deserved to be pampered after a tough couple of months and Esme needed some grooming to get rid of some of the knots and mud in her beautiful long hair because of the horrible weather we have been having. They are now all clean and smell beautiful, let’s hope it stays that way for at least a few days

Our sweet boy Badger has mange and was given a lovely bath by Sam using his medicated shampoo from the vet. His skin is already looking better. Badger came in from the pound with mange which meant his skin was sore and flakey and his hair was falling out, he will be having another bath in a couple of weeks so that we can finally get it under control and him feeling better.

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