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A request for plastic storage boxes from Fetcher Dog volunteer Lauren!


 Just to reintroduce myself, I’m Lauren and I volunteer at Fetcher Dog on a Sunday, organising the jumble and auction items in the barn.

I have previously asked for plastic storage boxes to help us store jumble more effectively and this has been a huge success - the plastic boxes are stackable and don’t break down like the cardboard boxes and shopping bags do, so a big thank you to anybody who has given us boxes to see us on our way.

There is still a lot of jumble left that isn’t stored in plastic storage boxes, so I wondered if I could once again ask if anyone has any they can donate to us? This would bring us even closer to making the best use out of the barn space! On top of this, I was wondering if anyone has any shelving units they no longer need?

They would need to be somewhat heavy-duty (industrial/garage) in order to shelve boxes of items.

🚨 Plastic storage boxes

🚨 Shelving units

 Please share with everyone and anyone you may know who would be willing to donate either of these that they no longer use!

Thank you

Lauren Cox | Facebook

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