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A visit to Sarajevo, six years ago, starts our commitment to alleviate the suffering of abandoned dogs in the UK and Bosnia

Six whole years gone by since I first met Jude Foote and Andy and we set off to Sarajevo to see what we needed to do to help the dogs of Bosnia in a bigger and better way.

It’s been hard and heartbreaking and frustrating to not be able to do more, but we have helped as many as we can over the years before the visits and since the visit.

We help both Bosnian and UK dogs and to think that people can be so cruel to dogs and treat them badly and just dump them is still unthinkable .

Steph writes:
I have been in rescue situations since 2013.
You would have hoped the human race had improved in all those years and pets wouldn’t be dumped like old worn out furnishings as a thing.
Not a sentient loving creature that would give anything to be with you.
We will carry on as long as we are able to help.
Next goal to get some corporate sponsorship, so we can become bigger and better. Save more dogs, have a facility of our own and keep improving what we can do for the poor abandoned dogs.

Thank you to everyone that has and does help us and has supported us over the years.

We are so grateful and look forward to the next six years and beyond.

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