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All About Nora by Stephanie Connor


Nora is 3 years and 10 months old and she has never had a home of her own.
The first time we encountered Nora she was in a public kill shelter, heavily pregnant and very afraid. This was at the end of March 2017.

She was very little, so skinny and yet pregnant, starved of food, care and love. Our rescuer tried to make her as comfortable as she could, she was too near to giving birth to move her again. Nora gave birth to 7 puppies, she tried her very best to keep them alive. Unfortunately, two of the seven puppies did not flourish. Nora’s little body didn’t have enough nutrients and vitality to produce all healthy puppies.


She really tried to be a great Mum and was successful with five babies, which in itself was amazing.
As soon as was possible, we moved her to a safer place where Nora could recuperate in a little more comfort and the babies could get help.
The puppies and Nora became healthy dogs.
We have tried to home Nora and her puppies, with many adverts for adoption, but for some reason this beautiful girl is always overlooked.


She is a beautiful medium size girl, approximately the size of a Corgi, with a slightly longer body. She has the softest fur, loves cuddles and treats and just needs someone to love her. She gets on with other dogs after introductions and wants to play. She is excitable and jumps on the other dogs, so a patient slightly bigger dog would be the best doggy friend for her.
She does like her own food and toys, so feeding would need to be separate as it is with most new dogs in a home and work would be needed for her to share toys. Nora has had nothing and no one in her life, to love her, care for her, give her a safe place to call her own or loving arms to hold her when she was afraid. She is concerned by other dogs in the distance on walks and barks. Again, she was a small dog on the streets fighting for every crumb she got. She is a little afraid of traffic and vehicles and cowers and reacts fearfully. She needs reassurance. She was on the streets and unfortunately, where Nora came from, no one cares enough to slow down on the roads for a dog. They would sooner run them over than stop.
Nora has lived 1408 days.
 3 years, 10 months, 1 day and 14 hours. She was a stray for the first 605 days of her life. Can you imagine never knowing a kind word, a mother’s love or a warm bed?
She has lived behind bars from kill shelter to kennels for 803 days.
33,792 hours, her whole little life.
Its Nora’s time to have more. We love her, she is a darling, she needs parents of her own, a family to love her. Could you be that person that steps up for Nora and gives her a happy new beginning?


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