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Ash and Chestnut

Ash and Chestnut were rescued at tiny pups from the streets of Bosnia and they are now looking for a forever home of their own. 
Ash and Chestnut are a bonded pair and haven’t had a single day in their lives when they were not together. They do everything together. They love their daily runs together at the kennels and play together like huge overgrown puppies. 
Ash and Chestnut are very friendly boys, they are great with all of the people that they have met and other dogs. They don’t quite know how big they are and they sit on our laps for cuddles. 
Ash and Chestnut are looking for a forever home together. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting Ash and Chestnut and send your pre-adoption form to


  • I have sent a application form in for adoption for these two beauties, I realise problems with covid at present time. Hopefully I will hear soon.

    Angela Adams
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