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Benefits of having a dog - Part 1 - Exercise and Health


Everyone knows that having a dog not only brings joy and happiness to a person or family, but is there scientific evidence that this is the case and that having pets is good for you and your family?

Fetcher Dog are looking for stories from our adopters which confirm that adopting a dog has had positive affects on their physical and mental well being.

Some anecdotal evidence that dogs facilitate good health:

- Exercise and weight loss

'Doing your part often means going for walks in the rain, sleet, or snow, at all hours of the day and night. In fact, one of the primary health benefits of being a pet parent is that it boosts your activity level. There have been about a dozen studies conducted on the link between dogs and human exercise, including one that compared 536 pet parents with 380 non-pet parents. People with dogs were found to be fitter, thinner, and less likely to have chronic health conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes' 

Physical Benefits of Having a Dog - Courtesy of 
The Many Physical and Psychological Benefits of Having a Dog · The Wildest

Of course, the fact that regular exercise helps people lose weight and get healthy isn’t exactly breaking news. The insights come from the critical role the dog plays as a fitness partner — offering everything from enthusiastic encouragement to obnoxious pestering.

Another reason that people tend to adhere to an exercise program if a dog is involved is the perception that the dog needs them. In one study, 72% of participants cited this as the reason they stuck to the activity schedule for the full 50 weeks of the trial. 

- Lower blood pressure and heart disease

It’s likely that increased exercise plus the calming effects of dogs contribute to lowering blood pressure.



- Less allergies

There is even evidence that exposure to a dog from infancy onward reduces the likelihood that even the most allergy-prone kids will develop problems. Only 19% of babies living with dogs developed pet allergies, compared to 33% of babies who grew up in dog-free homes, according to one study.

- Science-Backed Statistics

  • Dog parents are more resilient when faced with stressful events, helping them avoid anxiety-related illnesses.

  • Pet parents over the age of 56 make fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets.

  • Pet parents have been found to suffer from less minor illnesses, such as headaches, colds and hay fever.

  • Even the most highly stressed dog parents see their doctors 21% less than non-dog-parents.

 (Various Souces)

Have you any specific health benefits you have gained since having a dog and would you like to share them?

If you would like your experience shared please contact Paul at

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