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Some benefits of having a dog - The Science!!

Dog adoptions have been on the rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As more people have been staying at home, it seems like a great time to adopt a dog. But, if you are still on the fence as to whether adopting a dog would be a good choice, you should know that it has been scientifically proven that having a dog is good for you.

This is how.

  1. You will get sick less often. This point seems incredibly important at the moment, but having a dog brings in a new type of biodiversity to your house. This means dogs bring in different germs that will build up our resistance toward other germs. As a result, people with dogs do not get sick from germs as often as non-pet owners do.

  2. You will have more excuses to get out and exercise. Dogs have to be walked and let outside. They need to go to the bathroom, naturally, but they also need exercise to be healthy. That means that you can incorporate more exercise into your daily routine by taking care of your dog's needs. 

  3. Better heart health. It might be surprising, but it has been shown that dog owners have better heart health. There are a few factors going on here. The natural bond between humans and dogs will lower stress levels, which is one contributing factor to heart issues. The other is that getting up and taking care of a dog can help keep your body and heart active, helping your heart health overall.

  4. More joy. Dog owners do not suffer from depression at the same rate as non-dog owners. With a dog, you will have a routine, a purpose, and someone else to care for. Dogs also have a tendency to love unconditionally, improving your quality of life. Sometimes, simply just looking at your dog will increase your happy hormone, oxytocin, and make you feel better.

  5. Better work life. Since so many people are working from home now, you might be able to have your dog as a co-worker. When you are able to pet your dog throughout the day, you will have lower stress levels than people who do not get the same opportunity.

  6. Helps build empathy. If you are a parent, having a dog around your children will benefit them as well. Children learn empathy, compassion, and love by being around pets and taking care of them. Children develop positive attitudes toward animals, which can also help regulate their emotions and moods. Dogs are especially willing to play with children and are more than happy to clean up any spills on the floor.

  7. Dogs can help you meet people. Maybe not as much during a pandemic, but normally, a dog can help improve your social life. You will be drawn toward other people walking their dogs and playing with their dogs. You are likely to make new dog owner friends when you take your dog to a dog park or when you are simply stopped when out for a walk so that a friendly person can give your dog a pet. 

  8. You will have a companion. Finally, dogs bring companionship with them. You have a built-in friend who is always happy to see you and give you love.

Courtesy of Scientific Benefits Of Having A Dog | Science Times 

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