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Mental Stimulation - Some Brain Games for Dogs!!


Mental Stimulation is as important for dogs as physical stimulation. 

Brain games for dogs are a wonderful way to give your dog's mind a good workout. While physical exercise is important, mental stimulation and enrichment is also vital for your dog's health and wellbeing.

Not only can brain games help to banish boredom and prevent destructive behaviours, they' can be fun too!

Obvious Dog stimulations maybe:

  • Music
  • Human to Animal socialisation
  • Dog Toys
  • Interaction with other Dogs
  • Training
  • Television
  • Scent

What ways do you mentally stimulate your dog or have you any suggestions of creative ways to do so?

We have listed, below, some activities that will exercise your dog's brain:

  • Find the treats - Hide a few dog treats around a room in your house - increase the difficulty
  • Which cup? - Place some treats under a cup - Say 'which cup' - Lift the cup up as soon as they've selected one
  • Towel roll - Lay an old, clean towel on the floor, spread dog treats over it - Roll up the towel - Give it to your dog and let the figure out how to unroll the towel
  • Hide and seek - Tell your dog to sit and stay (or have a family member hold onto him) - Go and hide and then call your dog - Praise him/her when he finds you
  • Finding food in Toys/Games/Mats - Having to lick, smell, forage, manoeuvre, nudge, push a variety of toys to get a treat is a way to get your dog to think. 
  • Chews, Bones etc.

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