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Clove is being adopted!! (Some links to Clove's adventures below!!)


Last night we made sure to give our baby girl Clove a lot of love as she is finally being adopted.

Clove arrived to the centre pregnant and after giving birth to and taking very good care of eight babies, it’s her turn to have a happily ever after.

There were a lot of tears last night but we know she will love having all the attention to herself finally.

You can find more about Clove and her puppies at:

One of the Fetcher Dog residents, Clove, is having puppies!!

Fetcher Dog are on Clove countdown!! - We are within seven days of the

Our sweet girl Clove has had EIGHT puppies!! - So far!! – Fetcher Dog

Clove's puppies have their first bath!! – Fetcher Dog

Clove and her puppies visit the local vets for their check up!! – Fetcher Dog

The first of Clove's puppies gets a forever family – Fetcher Dog

Have a great rest of your life sweetie!!

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