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Cuki at the 'Walk on the Wild Side' event today at Kenward Place


It was a pleasure to spend the day with Cuki today at Kenward Place as part of the 'Walk on the Wild Side' event.

Cuki was fantastic with everyone and was exhausted by the end of her day.

Thank You to Hetty Palmer and all the staff at Kenward Trust for making us feel very welcome, at a stunning venue and in aid of a good cause. 

Fetcher Dog were there to raise awareness for the charity and some much needed funds for the rescue centre.



About Cuki

'Cuki was rescued from a public shelter in Bosnia where she was at risk of being killed. She is now safe and waiting for a forever home of her own. Cuki is a lovely and friendly girl. She is very playful and loves playing with her best friend Rocket. She has been great with everyone she has met so far and loves when the volunteers go to the kennels in Bosnia each Saturday to walk the dogs. She has been quite confident since her rescue and gets braver each day. Cuki has also been wonderful with the other dogs at the kennels.  We do not know if Cuki has ever lived in a home before so will need full training upon adoption'

Cuki is still available for adoption and you can find more information at at: Cuki – Fetcher Dog

Thank You

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