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Fetcher Dog Rescue Centre Cutie of the Week - Max

Max was rescued as a tiny puppy alongside her siblings after they were found on the streets of Bosnia. They had been dumped behind a dustbin and left without their Mother. Our rescuer was called to their location and she took them home with her. Max and her siblings lived with our rescuer, her daughter and her dogs and cats in foster until they travelled to Kent to find homes of their own. 

Max is a friendly and confident girl and has been since her arrival to kennels in Kent. She loves to play with the other dogs and us but she hasn't yet mastered how to play with toys. She is very lively and bouncy, like a typical playful puppy. 

For more information on Max, please follow this link - Max – Fetcher Dog 

I you would like to adopt Max, please follow this link - Adopt A Dog – Fetcher Dog

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