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Dogs - Incredible animals!? - What Does your Dog Do??



'There's Wagging, Barking, Panting, Digging and More,
They Chase, Fetch, Lick, Swim, Jump and they Snore
They Comfort You, Support You, Sniff, Whine and they Fart
They Sleep Anywhere, Roll Over, Retrieve and Pull on your Heart.'

'There's Crunching, Scratching, Gulping, Gnawing and they Slurp,
They Pee and they Poo, they Hump Legs and they Burp.'
They Crawl, they Dig, they Socialise, they Fight and they Growl,

They Fall Over, they Roll Over, they get embarrassed and they Howl'

'There's Smiling, Running, Chasing and Dreaming in their Sleep,
They Find, they Hunt, they Rescue, they pull Sleighs and Herd Sheep.
They are Military Dogs, Guide Dogs, Pest Control Dogs and they are your Best Friend,
They are Loyal, Brave, Protective and will be at your side till the End'

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