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Fetcher Dog are on Clove countdown!! - We are within seven days of the arrival of the puppies (We think!!)


We recently asked for help on the centre for jobs that ranged from weeding, cleaning, clearing rubbish and fixing doors and gates.

Jon Wilmot came forward and offered his skills as a handyman and has been extremely helpful fixing doors and our main gate. Today he has made a whelping box for Clove which is very sweet and useful.

'A whelping box/den, also known as a nesting box, whelping den or whelping pen, is designed to protect puppies during birth (whelping) and early life by keeping them safely contained, protected from cold, and safe from the danger of crushing or smothering by the mother.' Wikipedia



We think we are within the last week before her puppies will be born.

If you have any unwanted blankets or duvets and you live local to TN25 5HE we would welcome them at the rescue centre for the puppies but also because winter is on the way.

Thanks in advance and thank you to Jon for his help around the rescue centre. 

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