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Fetcher Dog Fun Facts from the rescue centre in Kent!!

  • Were you aware that the dedicated team at Fetcher Dog whips up approximately 2500 delicious meals every month? That's an extraordinary amount of food, a considerable amount of tidying up, and an immense quantity of dog waste. 🐶🐩💩
  • On an average day, our furry friends bark a total of forty times, and with forty dogs on our premises at any given time, that adds up to a whopping fifty thousand barks! Thankfully, our neighbours remain blissfully unaware of this lively chorus.

  • With a bustling centre full of 40 adorable dogs, keeping the blankets and sheets clean becomes a delightful challenge. This means we run a staggering 150 washing machine cycles, hang and dry over a thousand items, all done with love and care since we don't have a dryer or even an ironing board in sight. 

  • We have an unwavering love for our four-legged companions.


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