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The Fetcher Dog's 'Balanced Fetcher Dog Club'

Fetcher Dog are creating a programme for all our dogs, where we look to enhance their physical health and mental well-being. This will, in the first instance look at their physical well-being and will ensure that all our dogs have the following treatments and procedures and then visit a behaviourist to assess their behaviour.

  • Neutered/Spayed
  • Treated for worms and fleas
  • Microchipped, Registered and possess a Pet Passport
  • Medically checked over for underlying illnesses and injuries
  • Vaccinated against Rabies, DHPP and Leptospirosis
  • Tested for Brucellosis (If Bosnian)
  • Have undergone 2 x one to one sessions with Justin Gilmore, a professionally qualified dog behaviourist and then possess a unique report card with full behavioural assessment.

The medical procedures, treatments and checks will be done by Harrietsham Vets, the training sessions with Justin Gilmore.

The cost of all of these varies between Bosnia and the UK, but on average will cost £450 per dog.

Target for the Appeal (this appeal is ongoing)

Fetcher Dog are looking to raise £13500 to Neuter/Vaccinate/Treat/Check/Register/Train 30 dogs located in Bosnia and the UK, the dogs receive expert medical care from trusted veterinary practitioners and training from a professional dog behaviourist and the adopter receives expert knowledge and peace of mind.

We are asking for £450 per dog up to and including 30 dogs. This programme and fundraiser will start in September 2023.

Each dog will receive a certificate confirming that all steps have been completed and this will be passed onto the new owner of the dog with a 'behaviour assessment and strategy'

Please note: This programme can only go ahead with your support.

If you would like to participate in funding this programme, please contact Paul at


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  • We have recently been contacted by someone in London who adopted a 7-8yr Bosnian Rescue Male Crossbreed, wanting help. If needed would you be able to provide information about the dog whilst he was in your care? Would the owner have been given all the information?

    Thank you for your help.

    Jayne Higgins

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