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Fetcher Dog's Q&A with the Chamber of Commerce at the recent online networking event.


Paul from Fetcher Dog was the guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce online networking event, this week, to discuss the work of Fetcher Dog to local businesses and members of the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

Kaz Macklin from the chamber hosted the event and prepared and asked the questions.

After a brief introduction by Paul about the charity and the work the charity does with regards rescuing and rehoming dogs the Q&A commenced.

Questions and Answers:
Kaz - 'The Fetcher Dog Rescue Centre is undertaking valuable work for thousands of dogs, who are born on the streets of Bosnia every year. Sadly, these animals are condemned to face cruel acts by locals, starvation, disease, and brutal and inhumane deaths. The dogs are rounded up by dog catchers and often placed into kill shelters that provide no care, food, or comfort, with many starving to death or dying of exposure'. Can you tell us more about your role in Fetcher please? 

Paul - 'Fetcher Dog is small charity with only four members of staff, day to day tasks are covered by everyone ie adoptions, management accounts, social media content, sharing news stories, grant applications, talking to our rescuers and looking after the dogs at the rescue centre. 

My current role is raising the visibility of the charity, local community engagement specifically liaising with local businesses, setting up a data base of regular supporters and a reciprocity system and being a kennel assistant when available.

We are talking to local businesses with a view to them supporting the charity by donating money, donating their time or donating their skills/services or nominating us as their charity of the year.

Kaz - 'You work with local rescuers, picking up stray street dogs to save them from *The kill shelters*. All dogs are taken to safe and secure facilities where they no longer have to fear cruelty. They are fed and cared for and are taken to local veterinarians who help us nurse them back to health. How do you finance this?

Paul - 'Fetcher Dog relies on the support and kindness of individuals who support our fundraisers and also the continuing support of previous adopters, who set up regular giving either through their banks or platforms such as 'Give as you Live' 
'Fetcher Dog has a number of popular social media channels such as Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, we post regular updates and stories and fundraisers and these are supported by our followers. Adoptions are also a major part of our fundraising efforts and we have, recently, started applying for grants and support from trusts and foundations'

Kaz - 'Fetcher Dog then finds forever homes for these dogs in the U.K. – how do you do this?'

Paul - 'Fetcher Dog have a website Fetcher Dog.  

On the 'Waiting for their forever homes' page - Waiting For Their Forever Homes – Fetcher Dog there are photographs and information about the dogs looking for their forever homes, with a link to the application form. The application form is filled out and emailed to the charity. The next step is a home check, performed by a previous adopter, which starts the process of questions and answers to ascertain the compatibility of the dog to their potential adopters. The next step is a zoom call, which takes approx 45 mins and is a question and answer session with one of the founders. The final step before adoption is an optional 'Meet and Greet' session at the rescue centre where the chosen dog and adopter/s meet and if everything goes well an adoption time and date is agreed, the process takes 3-4 weeks on average'

Kaz - 'As an organisation accountable to its Trustees: What are the biggest challenges you face working internationally?'

Paul - 'The biggest challenge the charity faces is that there is no governing body that oversees animal welfare regulations in Bosnia. The dogs are viewed as pests and therefore treated accordingly. The government pay dog catchers to round up the dogs and place them in kill shelters, which become over populated and then the dogs are killed inhumanely. Due to there being no governing body the system can be corrupt and exploited at the expense of the dogs. Positively speaking though, all our rescuers speak English, there are no currency issues and we follow all the EU regulations with regards dog registration and transport, each dog has a passport, is registered, micro-chipped has had a medical check, are either spayed/neutered and all are vaccinated prior to travel. If all the EU regulations are covered and the transport vehicle is registered then transporting the dogs to the UK is fairly straightforward'

Kaz; 'How has your Chamber membership added value to the work you do?'

Paul - 'As a small charity, the membership has been invaluable, we have taken advantage of everything the membership has to offer, the free 250 word article in their magazine, posting members blogs and attending online and in person networking events' 
'For the membership to work, in my opinion, the five C's are required - Commitment to get involved, Contact with other businesses through the events, either online or in person, Coffee and Cakes at stunning venues with like minded people, Connections made and followed up on LinkedIn or other platforms and Collaborations and partnerships formed, sharing best practices and services.'

The Q&A session finished with Paul from Fetcher Dog thanking the Chamber of Commerce for their professionalism and help over the last few months with special mentions to Darren from the Amber foundation, Emily Taylor from Revolution Events, Hetty Palmer at Kenward Trust and Jason Rainbird from FLOWBIRD for their kindness and expertise.

There were fifty six people in attendance today, a high number apparently, which is testament to the interest in the charity and the dogs. Thank you for everyone that attended and for the kind words.

Chamber of Commerce - Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce - Aiding Kent Businesses

If you are a business or company and you would like to support the work of Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

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