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Fetcher Dog's sanctuary dogs or permanent residents at our rescue centre - Ghost (Please note this post includes upsetting photos)



Fetcher Dog have a number of 'Sanctuary Dogs' these are dogs that will not be adopted and spend the rest of their lives being looked after and cared for by the Fetcher Dog team.

'Animal sanctuaries are a more permanent solution for rescued or disowned animals. Dogs are usually brought to animal sanctuaries to live out the rest of their lives in peace. There they will be respected, well-taken-care-of, and allowed to retire in comfort and happiness.

The aim is to allow these animals to live their lives in dignity, away from harm. Animals living in sanctuaries tend to have sad pasts and origin stories involving abuse or exploitation.' 

Sanctuaries offer the animals adequate space, care, shelter, feed, medicine, and love so that these animals can live out their remaining days in comfort. They are rarely funded by governments and are almost always dependent on generous donations, sponsorships of animals, and volunteer work from the general public or corporations. (Various Sources)

Ghost (Pictured) is one such sanctuary dog:

Sex: Male

Date Of Birth: 11/2016

Breed: Mixed

Spayed/Neutered: Yes

Microchipped: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes

Location: UK rescue centre

Ghost was rescued from a high kill shelter in Bosnia when he was at risk of being killed. 

Ghost is a very nervous and scared boy but is slowly getting braver within our kennels in the UK. Ghost has never lived in a home.

Fetcher Dog were contacted by a vets in Bosnia who confirmed that there was no more that could be done for him after he had lost an eye after getting an infection. 

See Ghost now on Facebook at: (Copy link and Paste into your search engine)

If you would like to donate towards Ghost's living costs, please contact Paul at


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