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Fetcher Dog's sweetheart and cheeky scamp Mona is the latest star of the 'Kissing dogs at the rescue centre to see their reaction' reels!

Fetcher Dog have been running reels across our social media channels featuring Jordan and different dogs and their reactions to being kissed.

They have proved to be very popular with over 10 million views. 

The latest one features long term rescue centre resident Mona.

You can see the reel on Facebook - 


About Mona - Courtesy of Mona – Fetcher Dog

Mona was abandoned outside of a high kill shelter in Bosnia. She was tied to a tree and left to freeze in the snow. She is now safe and waiting for a forever family of her own. 

Mona is a real sweetheart and a very friendly girl. She loves cuddles more than anything else so would love a family that could provide endless snuggles.  Mona loves to have zoomies around our fields and play with toys. 

Mona is good with most of the dogs at the rescue centre but can be reactive on a lead around other dogs and cats.

She will need additional training and socialisation upon adoption to help with this, she will also need slow and patient introductions to other dogs that she is likely to interact with on a regular basis.

As Mona can be picky with the dogs she likes, it is best if she is the only dog in the home.

Mona would be better suited to a home where she can walk in quiet areas regularly to begin with so her reactivity can be worked on. Mona has lived in a home before but will need full house training upon adoption. 

If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Mona or any of the Fetcher Dog dogs, follow the link below to start the process.

Adopt A Dog – Fetcher Dog

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the reels!!

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