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We’re looking for kind-hearted people who could temporarily foster one of our wonderful dogs.

Many of our dogs have lived in shelters and kennels for the majority of their lives and rehome successfully within the wag of a tail.

Others just aren’t designed for kennel life and sometimes their behaviour and health is impacted by this environment.

Some of these dogs need specialist medical attention and treatment and resting in a quiet and loving environment is just what the vet ordered!

Research from the Humane Society shows that dogs that are looked after in a home environment respond to training and treatment far quicker than those in the kennels.

What does fostering entail?

  • Caring for the dog in your own home until they can be rehomed.
  • Providing everything that they may need with exercise, feeding, cleaning, training, socialising and grooming.
  • Keeping accurate records of the dog whilst they are in your care. This will help us to use your observations to match the dog with a new family and will make the adjustment into their new home a smooth as possible.
  • Food and veterinary costs will be covered by the Charity during the foster period.

Who are we looking for?

  • Over 18s.
  • Experience of handling and caring for animals.
  • Within 45 minutes of the rescue centre.
  • Preferably no other pets.
  • Garden is preferable or access to outside space.

What are the benefits?

  • Giving these dogs the much-needed love, care and attention that they need.
  • Enjoying the joy of these animals without the long-term commitment.
  • Support from the team at Fetcher Dog for the duration of the foster period.
  • Watching these dogs transform into the loving family members that they deserve to be.

 Does this sound like something that you could do?

  • Please complete the application form on the Fostering a Dog page and email to
  • We will review the application and be in touch to discuss which of the dogs could be suitable to be fostered with you.
  • All dogs have to be carefully matched with their foster homes, this process is just as rigorous as the permanent adoption process.

We hope to hear from you!

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  • Hello,we lost our dog 2 months ago and we thought that because of our age it might be better to foster a dog. We have always had Collies .We always walked him at least twice a day. We also have a kennel outside for times when we pop out, a large garden and a acre paddock which are all fenced in. Hope to hear from you..

    Linda Epps

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