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Fundraiser for Lorelai's Cancer Treatment - Dog Biscuit Challenge!! - Follow Link -

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To raise money for our massive vet bills we challenged ourselves to eating four dog biscuits each!

As many of you know, we rescue as many dogs as we can from the pounds across the U.K. and unfortunately many come with veterinary issues.

Lorelai alone is costing us approximately £9000 for her cancer treatments. Please consider sponsoring us and helping us raise money to cover our vet fees!!!

Please donate at the following link:

Fundraiser by Fetcher Dog : Help Lorelai beat cancer! (


Dog biscuits supplied by Fetcher Dog's friend 'Bunty Bakes it all!!Facebook



Lorelai and her daughter Rory

Lorelai's story so far:

The results are in for Fetcher Dog's sweet girl Lorelai!!

Lorelai - Treatment Update!! – Fetcher Dog

Lorelai visits the vets and starts her treatment for cancer! – Fetcher Dog

Our Sweety Lorelai starts her chemotherapy treatment, if you would lik – Fetcher Dog

Help Lorelai beat cancer! - Please donate today!! – Fetcher Dog

Lorelai has her second course of chemotherapy!! – Fetcher Dog

Lorelai visits the vets, again, for another of her chemotherapy sessio – Fetcher Dog

Thank you supporting Lorelai and Fetcher Dog



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