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Have you ever considered Fostering a Dog from Fetcher Dog??


We have just agreed to take this cutie who was unfortunately left in a boarding kennels when his owner went into hospital and didn’t come back out again.

He is 15 years old but apparently is very bouncy and spritely for his age.

We are hoping to find him a foster home so he can wait for a forever home of his own in comfort.

Foster homes are so important for dogs just like this angel.

Fostering a Dog - Overview:

'Fostering a dog is a very important part of our rescue process. Some of the dogs in our care are better suited to a foster home than staying at kennels until their forever homes can be found. This could be due to the need for extensive training, fears and anxieties of the dog or the age of the dog (senior dogs and puppies are often better suited to the comfort and care of a foster home). Fostering a dog is extremely beneficial, with many of our dogs learning what it is like to live in a home for the first time'

Please consider applying below if you are interested in helping or contacting us directly if you are an adopter who is willing to help out.

 Full details at Foster A Dog – Fetcher Dog

If you are interested, please email Jordan at

Thank You

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