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A HUGE thank you to all of our supporters for being so patient during this time. As a lot of you know, our adoptions were put on hold as we couldn't carry out homechecks or do dog handovers during lockdown due to restrictions. As these restrictions are slowly lifting, we are able to start to get back to normal and start to process applications.  
If you have submitted an application during lockdown, don't worry, we still have it and we will be going through all of the applications over the next few days. Please be patient for a little while longer as we have received a large amount of applications over the last few months and have lots of arrangements to make. I will email everyone individually to let you know the next steps.
Thank you for all of your support during this time and we will speak to you soon!


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  • Hi how do I submit an application we would love to adopt? Thanks

    Clare Nelson
  • I would love to adopt a dog who would be happy with another two dogs

    Pauline semple

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