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Help Lorelai beat cancer! - Please donate today!!

We rescued Lorelai and her daughter Rory from a local pound when they were going to be put to sleep due to lack of space. They had been used for breeding and treated very poorly without adequate food or any veterinary treatments. They are a bonded pair and we took them on knowing they had to be homed together and couldn’t be separated.

Upon their arrival, we noticed that Lorelai had a growth near her back end and we quickly took her to the vets to work out what is was. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumour. Due to its location, the surgery is quite complicated and we need to raise £4500 to save her life. She then needs an additional £3000 for chemotherapy. The total cost is estimated to be £8500.

These girls deserve to have a wonderful life and as soon as we can get Lorelai better, the sooner they can have that.

Please donate if you can - Fundraiser by Fetcher Dog : Help Lorelai beat cancer! (

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