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How companies can help - Collaboration with Pawsome Brownies

Pawsome Brownies recently sent us a box of their dog-friendly brownies for the dogs at our rescue centre in Wye, Kent.

All the dogs loved them, and they were a great hit at the centre, thank you Pawsome Brownies

Maya (pictured) looks a very content canine!

'We are Gimmie Brownies sister company set up specially for your adorable pets!

Give your four-legged friend the gift of yummy brownie bites. Each box has bite sized pieces which stay fresh for 10 days! Your pet is guaranteed to love these pet friendly carob brownies.

Made with all pet friendly ingredients: carob powder, honey, egg, flour & vegetable oil.' 

Courtesy of Pawsome Brownies

For more information on collaborations or ways that your company can support Fetcher Dog, please email Paul at 


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