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How companies can support Fetcher Dog - Gary Miller Gas Services LTD

The rescue centre was badly in need of some expert advice and support with regards our dripping, broken and non- responsive taps. 

I reached out to Jordan from Gary Miller Gas Services who had helped at home and he offered to fix the taps without charging anything for labour.

Jordan and TJ fixed four taps, educated me on the centre plumbing and stabilised a sink unit.

They were both very professional, friendly and proficient at their jobs.

Denise, from the company, also collected items for the dogs, from their staff and friends, which included dog food, toys, blankets and accessories and they dropped them off as well. These will be very useful in the future.

We very much appreciate their support and you can find them at:

!! Gary Miller Gas & Plumbing Services Ltd, Folkestone, East Kent ( 

Fetcher Dog rely, solely, on the kindness of individuals and local businesses to manage a busy rescue centre and we thank Gary Miller Gas and Plumbing Services of Folkestone for their support.

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