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How volunteers can help - Rob from Waggle Dogs

Fetcher Dog have a number of dogs at the centre who have had terrible experiences at the hands of humans which has left them feeling vulnerable, scared, and shy.
Rob from Waggle has been visiting the centre as a volunteer. He is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant and is qualified to deliver one to one tutorials in Canine Communication.
Rob has visited the centre on a number of occasions and has had one to one sessions with Rafa, Jake and Romeo. The sessions are going very well and Rob offers Fetcher Dog his experience and expertise and time free of charge which is greatly appreciated by the team and the dogs.

Thank you Rob 

To find out more about Rob's work, please visit - Waggle Dogs website - Waggle Dogs 

If you would like to volunteer, please contact us direct and let us know your area of expertise -

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