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Volunteer Week - 1st -7th June - Thank You to all our volunteers, we could not do this without you!!



It's volunteers week this week, so I would like to mention a number of people who help Fetcher Dog by donating their time and expertise to the charity on a regular basis.

Thank You, we cannot do this without you!! The list is endless, below are just a few and I will get round to thank you all in due course.

- All the rescuers in Bosnia, for the dedication and care for the well being of all the dogs

- All our volunteer home checkers, who provide a crucial role in the process of dog adoptions.

- Richard and Janet Carrison

- Louis Temple

- Lauren and Abi Cox

- Michelle Davey

- Sarah Benns

- Charlie Gunter

- Tracy Nichols

- Bel Foray

- Kayleigh Gogerleigh

- Alan and Sarah Hall

- Charlotte Jones

- The Ashford Police Cadets

- Caroline and Alba Watt

- Samantha Mills from Tail Blazers, dog grooming

- Rob from Waggles, dog training

Companies that have volunteered for Fetcher Dog on either company-paid volunteer days or non-paid volunteer days are::

- Markerstudy - Home (

- Mitie - Mitie | Leading Facilities Management & Professional Services Provider

- Amber Foundation - Amber - Transforming young lives (


If you would like to volunteer for Fetcher Dog, please contact Paul at

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  • How old do you have to be to volunteer?


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