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Jo Cresswell is doing a 24 hour challenge to raise money for Fetcher Dog


Jo has been working for Fetcher Dog for the last six weeks and has, quickly, become an integral part of the Fetcher Dog team and is helping to raise funds by doing a 24 hour challenge

Jo writes:

So tomorrow I embark on a 24 hour treadmill challenge - a challenge I only came up with about a week ago so have had very little time to prepare! It will involve running, walking (and very likely crawling!) on a treadmill for 24 hours straight, with only very short limited toilet breaks permitted. That’s 24 very long hours slogging away through pain, boredom and more pain without a break.

I will post regular updates on the hour every hour (assuming I’m still alive!) And the reason I’m putting myself through this I hear you ask? To raise money for Fetcher Dog- giving hope to abandoned dogs a wonderful rescue centre who rescue, care for and rehome neglected, abandoned and unwanted dogs. Dogs that wouldn’t have a chance if it wasn’t for rescues like this and they rely completely on public donations and simply cannot survive without it.

I know in difficult times like this it seems like there is always someone asking for money and choosing who to give precious pounds to isn’t easy which is why I am attempting such a difficult challenge, I would like to have throughly earned your support! So please - if you have a rescue dog or love dogs as much as I do please consider donating to this cause, we really need your help.

Thank you 🐾

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