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We are looking for Clear Plastic Storage Boxes for the Fetcher Dog rescue centre!!

'Hi everyone,

I volunteer at the Fetcher Dog Rescue Centre, based in Hastingleigh (near Wye/Ashford, Kent).

My job is to organise all of the donations our kind supporters have given us to raise money for the dogs at our jumble sales.

Unfortunately the cardboard boxes and bags we use to store these items in just aren’t cutting it anymore. There’s no proper way to stack them (a lot of the cardboard boxes are starting to fall apart) and so they’re taking up the majority of a barn space that could be used much more efficiently.

If anyone has any clear plastic storage boxes with lids that they would be willing to donate to us we would be incredibly grateful! This would allow us to organise all of the items properly, they’ll be stackable and won’t take up anywhere near as much room.

Please message me if you have any clear plastic storage boxes with lids to donate. I am based in Headcorn and I am happy to collect locally.

Thank You Lauren'

Lauren Cox | Facebook 

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