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Lorelai - Treatment Update!!


We have good and bad news about our Lorelai. Her results came back from the large amount of samples taken at the vets yesterday and she has no cancer in her major organs however the cancer has spread to two of her lymph nodes. This is the first place it typically spreads to for a mast cell tumour.

After the results came back this morning, Lorelai went into surgery this afternoon and had both lymph nodes removed as well as the original tumour. The surgery went well and the masses have been sent off to a lab to stage the cancer.

Lorelai isn’t out of the woods yet and the results from these further tests with confirm whether she needs chemotherapy as well. This type of cancer is very aggressive and the vet believes chemo will be required but we will have to wait and see.

Despite going through all of the this, Lorelai is being an Angel at the vets and all the staff love her.

Send our baby some love! ❤️

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