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Lorelai visits the vets and starts her treatment for cancer!


Lorelai had an appointment at Davies Veterinary Specialists  (so that we can start treating her cancer. She has to start today with lots of samples being taken from all parts of her body including her organs to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.

Those results will take about 24 hours to come back and then we can decide how to proceed from there. If it’s contained to her tumour, then surgery will be scheduled for either tomorrow or Monday but if it’s spread we will have to think about her having chemotherapy or radiation.

Lorelai is staying at the vets for the next few days until we know what her course of treatment is so that surgery’s and procedures can be done quickly.

Keep your fingers crossed that her cancer is contained to her tumour and we can get fit and healthy as soon as possible. This may be the first time her and Rory have been separated since Rory was born so we know it will be tough for both of them but I gave Lorelai lots of kisses before I left and will give Rory extra hugs when I get back to the centre. ❤️

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