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National Black Dog Day - October 1st


Today is National Black Dog Day!

It’s a day where rescues highlight and celebrate their black dogs in hopes of finding them forever homes.

Black dogs always wait longer in rescue centres and shelters and need a little extra help to find forever homes of their own.

National Black Dog Day was founded in 2011 by pet and lifestyle expert, Colleen Paige, who also launched National Dog Day and National Puppy Day.



So at the centre today we are celebrating and sharing Clove, Nacho, Archie, Neville, Alice, Meeko, Chopper, Rocket and Orla and hope that today helps us find them forever homes!

This day was created to help raise awareness of the fact that black dogs are often overlooked in shelters when people are looking for a pet to adopt.

Head to the website to see the dogs we have available and to apply! -



How to Celebrate National Black Dog Day

  • Adopt a black dog
  • Sponsor a black dog
  • Take your black dog out for a walk, video it and share to your social media


Rescue Centre favourite - Stella

'Stella was rescued from the kill shelter in Bosnia and taken to safety by our rescuers. She travelled to the U.K. kennels in February 2019 and we soon realised she was suffering from an infection. Upon further veterinary inspection, we learned that Stella was born with an underdeveloped mouth palette and food was entering her lungs through a hole between her mouth and nose, causing her infections. Stella underwent an operation to fix the hole in her mouth in April 2019 and responded well.'

Stella lives at the rescue centre full time and everyone loves her!!
Thank You and let's celebrate all the black dogs today and everyday.

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