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National Rescue Dog Day!

It's National Rescue Dog Day! A day to raise awareness for all the rescue dogs in rescue centres and shelters across the country waiting for forever homes of their own.
We have about 100 rescue dogs in our care at all times, all waiting for their chance to be adopted. The more that we get adopted, the more we can rescue from the streets and kill shelters of Bosnia. Our rescuers come to us every day with new dogs that need our help and we rely on you for the funds and support to take them in until we find homes for them.
This National Rescue Dog Day, think about what you can do to help the dogs that need you most. Can you share dogs in need to your friends and family, sign up to volunteer, or donate a few pounds to the doggies that we support. Please help us so that we can help them!
Thank you
Fetcher Dog
P.S. Give your doggies an extra kiss from us today xxx


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